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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Environmental Considerations

Environmental Considerations
1 Packaging should be designed to perform in 80%-90% humidity conditions throughout
storage/distribution cycle for a minimum of 3 months.
2 Select materials that are biodegradable per ASTM6400 or 6260.
3 Use materials made of renewable sources.
4 Eliminate unnecessary packaging, extra boxes or layers of packaging.
5 Use material made of highest post consumer recycled content without compromising quality.
6 Design packaging out of single material components for easy recycling post use.
7 Whenever possible do not use the following materials:
7.a Ancient forest fibers
7.b Heavy metals or other toxins
7.c Reduce usage of Chlorine compounds in bleach board
7.d Wax impregnated medium, certain coated corrugated, cascade boxes
8 Corrugated packaging and displays for frozen/refrigerated items must use MRA (moisture
resistant adhesive).
9 Wax coated packaging is not allowed because it is not recyclable.
10 Paperboard packaging must come from fiber sources which are certified as sustainable
through third-party accreditation.

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