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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tagless Care Labels

Tagless Care Labels

Although woven care labels have been an industry standard for a long time, they can sometimes be irritating even on adult apparel. To minimize the possibility of the tag, or remnants of the tag after being cut off, irritating your baby's gentle skin, Luvable Friends has chosen to switch to tagless care labels on all apparel items.
This is a change in progress, however, meaning that some older stock of baby clothes may still have the woven care labels, but all new clothes brought in will be switched to the tagless style.
Tagless care labels contain the same information as the woven type would have; sizing information, fabric composition, and washing instructions. All of this is printed on in a color that will be readily visible against the color of the fabric, whether it be black text on white fabric or white text on black fabric.

Tagless care label

Why Custom Tagless Care Tags? We would have to ask you: why not? For starters, no one likes itchy tags. Not only is this a selling point for us, it would be for you too! Advertising comfort to your Clientelle is key. Picture it : instead of showcasing some already known brand, you can have your very own Custom Tagless Care Tags printed inside your apparel. Imagine being branded with your company's logo and information on the inside. After all, you are looking for name recognition to grow your company. Your Customers will be impressed by your garments and will know where to go to purchase more. This is not only a benefit for those selling garments, but also for those ordering garments for events or even gifts. Place donation information on the inside for charity events, or use it as a birthday card for a gift! The Custom Tagless Care Tag is our specialty and it is offered at an affordable rate and low minimum (36 for Screen Printing and no minimum for DTG ). Most Printers have a minimum of 200 or more for this service. Tagless Threads wants to offer you a stress free experience. Most important thing to remember : Have fun with it!