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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Defective 4 point fabric inspection

Size Defect Penalty .

3 inches or less: 1 Point
Over 3 inches, but less than 6: 2 Points
Over 6 inches, but less than 9: 3 Points
Over 9 inches: 4 Points
The length of the defect is used to determine the penalty point. Only major defects are considered. No penalty points are assigned to minor defects. (A major defect is any defect that would cause a final garment to be considered a second.)
Major Defects:
· Major woven fabric defects include but are not limited to slubs, holes, missing yarns, yarn variation, end out, soiled yarns, and wrong yarn.
· Major dye or printing defects are out of register, dye spots, machine stop, color out, color smear, or shading.
Acceptance Criteria and Calculation:
· 40 points per 100 yards is the acceptable defect rate
· # of Points per 100 yds = # of penalty points x 100
Yds inspected

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