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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Textile Yarn Fabric Knitting

Unmercerized Cotton:
This soft, fuzzy fiber knits well on metal or aluminum needles with a hard finish.
Mercerized Cotton:
Treated to reduce fuzziness and produce a hard, smooth luster, mercerized cotton knits best on a needle that's not too slippery such as plastic, wood or bamboo.
Extremely slippery, linen is easiest to knit evenly with not-too-slick bamboo, wood or plastic needles.
Silk is similar to cotton in that it can be either soft or slubby or hard and smooth. Select your needles as you would for cotton.
Alpaca, Cashmere, Angora:
Extremely soft and fuzzy, these luxury fibers knit best on bamboo or wood such as Crystal Palace or Plymouth bamboo, Susanne's ebony or rosewood, or Brittany Birch.
Novelty, Boucle, Mohair:
These highly textured yarns will behave better with needles that don't get caught in loops or bobbles. Bryspun Flexible needles are a great choice since they have concave points that help pick up the whole fiber to reduce splitting.

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