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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Care instruction baby cloth

Guidelines for Bleaching: Bleaching is generally not recommended for newborn's clothing, as their skin is most sensitive and can react to the bleach. It is most important that bleached articles are rinsed twice, once in cold water, once in warm.
Washing Baby's Stuffed Toys: Babies usually have a favorite stuffed toy that they carry with them everywhere. It is important to keep them clean. Before washing always check the manufacturer's label to see if the toy is machine washable. If it is, mend any rips and tears, and then place inside a pillowcase. Tie closed. Place two bundles at a time in the washing machine or add some towels. Having one on each side will keep the machine balanced. Agitate 1-2 minutes on a gentle cycle. Rinse well. Tumble dry, fluffing periodically to prevent lumps from forming.

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