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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dry Symbols care instruction

There is four ways you can dry what you have washed. The two most common is in the tumbler and on the line. Some clothing demand more serious drying, like dripping wet hanging on a line or flat drying.
If your clothes demand special drying this is the symbol to search for on the care label. If it’s not present you can use line drying and in most cases the tumbler will work as well.
Tumble Dry
The dots indicate the maximum heat setting. If there is no dots you can use any heat setting.
Do Not Dry
You have to dry your clothes eventually if you want to wear them, so this symbol has a bit of a misleading name. When you see a “do not dry” or “do not tumble dry” symbol it means you shouldn’t put that piece of clothing in a machine dryer.

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