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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yarn dyeing

Yarn dyeing

There are many forms of yarn dyeing. Common forms are: at package form and at hanks form. Cotton yarns are mostly dyed at package form, and acrylic or wool yarn are dyed at hank form

The common dyeing process of cotton yarn with reactive dyes at package form is given below in short: firstly the raw yarn is wound on a spring tube to achieve package suitable for dye penetration. Then, these softened packages are loaded on a dyeing carrier's spindle one on another. The packages are next pressed up to a desired height to achieve suitable density of packing. The carrier is then loaded on the dyeing machine and the yarn is dyed. After dyeing, the packages are unloaded from the carrier into a trolly. Next, all the packages are hydro extracted to remove the maximum amount of water. All the packages are then dried to achieve the final dyed package. At last the dyed yarn packages are packed and delivered.

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