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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Care Symbol instruction

Careful washing. Follow water temperature recommendation, do not expose to strong machine treatment, slow wringing out.
Delicate washing. Maximum water, minimum machine treatment, fast rinsing.
Wash in cold water (below 30 С).
Wash in warm water (below 40 С).
Wash in hot water (50 С and more).
Hand wash only. Do not rub, do not wring out. Maximum temperature 40 С.
Do not wring out.
Drying and wringing out
Do not dry (is used together with “Non-washable”).
Machine drying.
Do not use machine drying.
Dry with low temperature.
Dry with medium temperature.
Dry with high temperature.
Careful drying and wringing out.
Delicate drying and wringing out.
Vertical drying.
Do not wring out.
Horizontal drying.
Dry in shadow.
Bleach and dry-cleaning
Dry-cleaning is not permitted.
Cleaning with any solvent.
Cleaning with hydrocarbon, chloric ethylene.
The same, but careful cleaning.
Cleaning with hydrocarbon and treflotrechlormethane.
The same, but careful cleaning.
Do not bleach.
Bleach with chlorine.
Bleach without chlorine.
Ironing is allowed.
Do not iron.
Iron with high temperature (below 200 С).
Iron with medium temperature (below 150 С).
Iron with low temperature (below 110 С).
Do not strip.

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