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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Identification recycle code

Most plastics are generally identified by numbers embossed on their bottoms enabling us to know how safe they are for home use and how to recycle them. The numbers from 1-7, indicate the type and amount of resin in them.
Regardless of the number, it doesn't guarantee that something can be recycled. That depends on the current demand or resale market for a specific plastic, the amount of recycled products that can be made from it, the cost to collect it and transport it to recycling facilities, and what it is used for once processed. At any given time, only certain types of plastics are actually recyclable; other types simply end up in landfills.
Plastics being marked with the recycling triangle of chasing arrows enclosing a number doesn't automatically mean an item can be recycled. Some plastics have no second-life use and market demand for them is minimal. The markings only indicate the resin type. The following type plastics use the following codes. Plastics without codes, even toys, should be avoided, as their content would be unknown and possibly even less safe than known unsafe products.

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