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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Woven Clothing Labels

Woven Clothing Labels

They are the final touch - and yet, they are the first impression...

Woven clothing labels for the apparel industry give a high-end impression on garments and prominently display your company name, logo and contact information. Our labels have excellent depth of detail, luxurious to the touch, and pleasing to the eye. We believe a work of craftmanship should reflect skill and excellence. Our woven labels will help you turn your project into a work of art from start to finish.
finest label. Solid script and very tight weave. Soft against the skin, slight sheen in appearance. 75d denier yarns. Notice the clarity of detail, true colors here. This type of label is perfect for added value pricing... 1000pcs. minimum quantity. Center Fold Shown Here.
Woven Clothing Label. Damask is our best seller...100d denier yarns make this a very soft and tight weave. Excellent for high-end look. End Folds Shown.
Clothing Label
Solid script and very tight weave. Soft against the skin, opac in appearance, no sheen. Notice the 1/4"inch sew allowance up top. This label gives consumers a high-end impression when examining your product. 1000pcs. minimum quantity. Center Fold Here.
The Florentine Collection is a series of new 50 denier BCI yarns in rich Italian hues. These labels are the ultimate in indulgence for your garment...luxurious yarns and wonderful rich colors. Subtle sheen. Own your own piece of the Rennaissance today in an oh-so-little tag... Ask for a sample.
The ultimate tightness in weave and no floating yarns on the back when 1 color. Our Italian made Air-jet loom creates incredibly tight wovens that are super soft and have excellent detail. No sheen but a flat opac appearance and canvas twill in style. Just looks and feels expensive on clothing...Gives that impression of "wow, this is really high-end" when clients look at your finished product. 1000pcs. min. qty.

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